Arrow Training is a professional training service provider with specializations in the principal areas of finance (including accounting), human resource and communications. The company draws extensively on the expertise of members from the various professions namely finance, management, accounting, taxation, legal, human resource and communications.

In close collaboration with our strategic partners locally; and in Hong Kong and China, we have also been able to tap onto these expertise and resources; and thus able to reach out to more, who can benefit from such alliances.

At Arrow Training, we believe that continuous skill development should be an integral part of the activities of any organization if it is to survive let along prosper in the long term. It is our wish that the expertise and experiences of our facilitators (trainers) are being tapped upon and be shared by the business community.

Over a 3,000 managers, professionals and executives have since attended our courses over the years and have benefited from such training. We shall continue to strive to be better in bringing relevant and beneficial courses in the quest to enable organizations to reach greater height through the enhanced skill set of their employees.
The company is a registered Training Service Provider with the Human Resource Development Fund of Malaysia.